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8 Sage Advices by Psychologists on How to Make New Friends

Have you been feeling lonely lately? Or did you just move to a new city but can’t find someone to hang around with? We’ll dive into some tips that might help you make new friends and seem more approachable. How to make new friends is definitely no rocket science, all it takes is a little bit of effort and some raw feelings that you must not be afraid to show.

Since there is nothing well worth having as friends never lose a chance to make them.

– Francesco Guicciardini

Image of Man Offering Help1. Be Kind

You can’t just walk into a room wearing your resting bitch face and expect people to come befriend you. Most people looking for new friends stay away from mean and arrogant people. That means you must try to be as selflessly helpful as you can be to others. Pass a smile, offer help, have a small sweet talk, greet them when you see them, always be kind at heart. This trait will attract loyal people towards you. Trust me, it is fun to give what you want others to give to you.

Politeness is an inexpensive way of making friends.

– William Feather

2. Be Yourself

You must always be yourself and when talking about how to make new friends the context remains same. You can’t love someone or be emotionally available for them until you love and respect yourself. Be yourself so that you can attract real friends who will love you for who you are.

Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are.

– Julius Charles Hare

Don’t try to change and mold yourself into a new person for the attention of someone. Being who you truly are will direct people towards you who share the same interests or attitude. This helps them understand you better and form a long-term bond.

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Being Deep and Open with Friends Image3. Be Deep and Open

If you want to know how to make friends, try being open and honest with other people. Talk about their view on life, or friendships, or relationships. Have a deep talk so that you and your friend can form a beautiful connection of understanding and respecting each other’s opinions. Ask them questions so they feel wanted rather than staying shut and making them feel awkward talking about themselves.

Having a deep conversation with someone who has brilliant mind and beautiful soul is a new way of making love.

– Unknown, Source

4. Invest Time and Effort

We all wonder about how to make friends, yet tend to never reply to texts or calls. It might not be easy, but if you’re trying to get yourself into a long-term friendship, you must invest time and effort into it. Text them often, ask them out, give them a present occasionally, show you care, remember their birthday, go out shopping or for a meal together.

Friendship is like an investment; the best type yields the best profit for you! It’s not just about making friends; it’s about making right friends for the right reason!

– Israelmore Ayivor, Source

In this busy world filled with depressed people, be the one who cares rather than waiting for them to text you, be the friend who makes the first move. Ask them about how they are and how they are feeling or about how life’s treating them. Not only will it make them happy but they will try to be more open and honest with you.

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5. Be Understanding

Arguments are a part of every relationship, regardless of their nature. Don’t go beyond your limits. Be an adult, try to understand your friends’ temper and let it go rather than keeping grudges. Maybe they’ve had a bad day and unintentionally took their anger out on you. Be the bigger person and forgive.

As a friend, you first give your understanding, then you try to understand.

Robert Brault

Console them, if you’ve said something wrong be the one to apologize. We’re all humans, and we must understand each other’s situation rather than making it worse. A key rule on how to make new friends and keep them.

Two Friends Talking Image6. Be Supportive

People who degrade you even in a joking way are actually very toxic. Don’t mistake them for a friend and get rid of them as soon as you can. Be with people who are your real support systems. Who hype you up and motivate you to do the things you’re afraid of.

Be a supportive friend who brings out the best in other people rather than downgrading them for the sake of fun. Such people who joke around insultingly are not good for you. They feed your subconscious mind with negative thoughts and can actually affect the downfall of your self-esteem.

7.  Don’t Be A Tale Teller

Avoid becoming friends with people who talk indiscreetly around you or criticize other people they hang out with and spreads rumors. While you avoid such people as you make new friends, also avoid being a blabbermouth yourself. Friendships are built upon the foundation of trust. It might take years to build trust in someone but just one deceitful act could end it all. If someone is backbiting, stop them right away. Don’t hear evil, don’t speak evil.

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8. Be There When They Need You

Image of Friends Together

The saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, and I will never contradict that statement. It’s when you need people the most is when they often run away making lame excuses for why they couldn’t stay. I’ve been giving you tips on how to make friends, this one is about how to know which people are your real friends. Hard times not only help you judge your strength, but they also help you check which people in your life are the real ones.

Making a hundred friend is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a single friend who stand by your side when hundreds are against you.

– Unknown

To keep a good company alive be there when your friend’s need you the most. Hold your hand out for them and help them stand back up when they fall. Motivate them, console them, provide any sort of help they need. The most important thing you could give a person if your time, and if you can give them your time with some mental, emotional, and spiritual support your bond is all good to go.

Don’t Be Desperate

Make sure you eliminate toxic people from your life and keep the good ones close to you. Try to be more emotionally open and available to the people you love so they could be the same for you. It’s not important to have a big circle of friends, just a few real and loyal friends are all you need in your life.

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