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20 Minute Routine of Low Impact Exercises for Seniors, Obese, and Slackers

Here is a series of 10 low impact exercises that will help you stay healthy, fit, and lose some fat. These workouts are perfect for seniors, obese, and those who don’t like to work hard. You should also know that these low impact exercises are for both men and women and it will take only 20 minutes of your time.

This routine of low impact exercises is designed by certified fitness instructor and nutrition coach Joanna Soh. Try to follow the exercises in the same order as given. You have to do each workout for 40 seconds that you can increase if you want to make it more difficult. Make sure that you also get a break of only 20 seconds after each workout.

March on the Spot

How to Do March on the Spot

This is the easiest workout to start with that will also warm you up. Swing your arms, relax your shoulders, tighten your abs and feel your legs working. You can take your legs as high as you want to increase difficulty.

Step Jacks

How to do Step Jacks GIF

Keep your legs together at the starting position. Bring your hands up and take a side step with your left leg. Get back on the starting position. Again, bring your hands up and take side step with your right leg. Stretch your arm all the way up. Keep repeating these positions for 40 seconds. It is one of the best low impact exercises for your shoulder, core, and legs.

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Leg Curls

Doing Low Impact Exercises Leg Curls GIF

This exercise will work on your quads and hamstrings. Bring your arms up together, open your chest and curl one leg at a time. Keep your knees bent when you curl them. You will feel your chest squeezing your back muscles. Do these low impact exercises non-stop for 40 seconds and then relax for no more than 20 seconds.

Reach and Twist

Doing Low Impact Reach & Twist GIF

Stand with your legs slightly wider. Twist your body and reach with your arm for the opposite side like you are trying to grab something from the top. Twist your legs and obliques, put intensity in twisting your hips. These low impact exercises will particularly work on your side abs. You can do it slowly if you find it hard or do it faster if you find it easy.


How to do Low Impact Squats GIF

Squats are one of the best low impact exercises for your legs. Keep your toes pointed forward and sit back with your butt first. Don’t go too low and find the speed most comfortable for you. Don’t lock your knees and squeeze your hips every time you come up.

Lunge Step Back

GIF Showing Lunge Step Back

You start this workout standing straight. First, take a step back with your left leg, bend your knee slightly, get up and back in standing position. Now do the same with your right leg and keep repeating it one by one for 40 seconds. You can bend your knees as low as low you want to make it more it difficult. All these low impact exercises are about engaging your core and finding your balance.

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Standing Crunches

GIF Showing Standing Crunches

This exercise works on your core and midsection. Stand straight and get both your hands behind your ears with open arms. Now twist, lift your left knee and try to touch it with your right elbow. Get back in initial position and this time lift your right knee and try to touch it with your left elbow. You don’t actually have to touch your knee and elbow you just have to try to get them as close as comfortably possible for you.

Cross Punches

Cross Punches in Low Impact Exercises

Cross punches are one of the easiest and most effective low impact exercises for your shoulders. Simply stand straight with your legs slight wide apart. Close your hands and bring them near your face like in a fighting position. Now punch with your each hand on the opposite side and pull it back one by one. Keep your arms as high as you are punching someone’s face.

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Low Impact Burpees

How to do Low Impact Burpees

Burpees is one of the low impact exercises that work on your entire body and strengthens your core. It will also require a little bit more effort than the other workouts.

  1. First, you have to get down and touch the floor with your hands.
  2. Take a step back with your left leg and then with your right leg.
  3. Next step both your legs in one by one in the same order and stand up.

You can take it at your own pace. Squeeze your hips and legs when you are going up.

Repeat All Exercises

You will have completed all these exercises in 9 – 10 minutes. Next, you have to take a 1-minute break to relax and hydrate yourself but don’t drink too much water. Get back to repeating all exercises in the same order with 20 seconds break between each workout and you are done for the day.


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