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Perfect Combo of 10 Pilates Exercises for Fast Full Body Toning

Pilates exercises are quite underrated and gyms are way too overrated. You will get a clear idea if I’m to count the pros and cons of both. The Pilates are whole body fitness exercises that, in addition to strengthening your core, provide you bulk-free strong muscles, increased flexibility and energy, improved posture, decreased weight, and gives you an overall fitness. Below are 10 of the best Pilates exercises that will tone every part of your body. You can do all these workouts at home and don’t need any equipment.

Roll Up

Roll up is one of the Pilates exercises that target your abdominal muscles and core just like crunches. It increases flexibility and strength of your spine, moreover, roll ups also aligns it for a straight posture. I have also shared short videos of few seconds with each workout showing the proper way to do the exercise.

Side Seal

Side seal is a modified version of side plank in Pilates exercises. It is little more difficult but also gives a better result. Side seal strengthens legs, arms, wrists, abdominis, and core. You will also feel more flexible and balanced with its regular practice.

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Plank with Leg Raise

If you are looking for a workout that targets your entire body then Plank with Leg Raise is definitely one of the best Pilates exercises for you. It impacts your glutes, shoulders, core, and legs. In addition to improving your posture, this exercise also cuts down body fat. Following is an 18 seconds video showing how to do the planks with leg raises.


Plank Walk Opener

Just like all Pilates exercises, plank walk opener is also great for a perfect posture that we may have ruined by sitting all day. Plank walk opener is an exercise created by Cassey Ho. This exercise will particularly straighten your spine and strengthen your core. It also targets other body parts including legs, shoulders, glutes, and abs.

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Shoulder Taps

Shoulder taps is one of the greatest Pilates exercises especially if you are suffering from lower back pain. Most of the people who work in an office suffer from this pain. With shoulder taps, you will not only get rid of the pain but also tighten your midsection and improve your posture with better flexibility. This workout also strengthens your wrists, arms, glutes, core, and shoulders.


Dancing Dog

First of all, no, this exercise is not for dogs. It’s just one of the Pilates exercises that require you to be in similar positions. This exercise targets your entire body including legs, shoulders, stomach, glutes, and core. It is also particularly good for posture.

Double Leg Lift

It is particularly one of the best Pilates exercises that are hard on abs. This workout fatigues both the lower and upper abdominal area as you raise your legs while laying with a straight back. You will feel your core muscles strengthening while your legs get stronger.

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Best of the crawling Pilates exercises include Gecko. These exercises are a little underrated but are great for your core stability. It works very well on your shoulders, abs, and legs. In addition, you get strong core, flexible body, and increased coordination.

Cross Crunch

It is a great Pilates workout for a sexy stomach. Cross crunch targets all your stomach muscles including inner and outer oblique muscles, abs, and waist. This exercise also hits and tones the abdominal wall in the right way.

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Push Peddlers

This exercise is like peddling but you do it standing without any equipment. This also a full body workout that tones your posture. You will feel its focus on your arms, shoulders, core, legs, and feet.



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