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Here See All Types of Paratha Their Recipes and Cooking Method

You will get a very enthusiastic reply if you ask someone from Subcontinent about Paratha or types of Paratha. Indians and Pakistanis love Paratha and eat it regularly for their breakfast. I personally have cooked and eaten many types of Paratha and I have never been disappointed. You can have Paratha with curry, gravy, tea, fried eggs, and yogurt or eat it alone as the main course.

One can never leave Paratha for life once they have tasted it. A good Paratha gives enough energy to work a whole day. If you are now wondering what is this magical Paratha this is the article for you. Here I have not only explained how to cook this fabulous dish but also all possible types of Paratha.

How to Cook a Paratha?

All types of Paratha are basically made of kneaded flour. We can use any or both white and wheat flour to cook it. The flour is kneaded in water, milk, or salt and water depending on what kind of Paratha you are making. A Piece of the dough is rolled out straight until it is flattened. At last, it is cooked in ceramic frying pan with oil or butter until it turns golden brown. Here you can learn how to roll out dough to make a Paratha.

What are Types of Paratha?

There are many types of Paratha that you can easily cook at home. Every Paratha is made of the kneaded flour and cooked in oil or butter. Most of the time, it is only the stuffing that changes. You can stuff anything inside the dough before rolling it. Following are all types of Paratha that are made around the world.

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Plain Paratha

It is a simple Paratha as the method is explained above. You can cook it crunchy or soft as you like. It will bring out a better taste to cook all types of Paratha in butter instead of oil.

Aaloo/ Potato Paratha

Image of Potato/ Aaloo in Types Paratha

Aaloo or Potato is among the most famous types of Paratha next only to the plain Paratha. Boiled and peeled potatoes are first meshed together with salt, red spice, chopped green chili. This meshed mixture is then stuffed between two pieces of dough and sealed from sides so that stuffing won’t come out and then roll it flat. You can also do this with just one flat roll of dough. At last, cook it in a ceramic frying pan or any flat pan.

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Chicken Paratha

We need boneless shredded chicken cooked in red chili, salt, garlic ginger paste, pepper and garam masala. It is then stuffed in a flat roll of dough just like the Potato Paratha and cooked with oil or butter. Here see the complete method to cook Chicken Paratha.

Cheese Paratha

Cheese in Types of Paratha Image

Cheese is now used in all new types of Paratha. It is quite simple to cook. You simply have to mix the cheese with chili powder, cumin seeds, green chilies, minced garlic, and coriander leaves. Put this inside a roll of dough and cook it. You can use a topping of shredded cheese on stuffing of potato or chicken to make potato cheese Paratha and chicken cheese Paratha.

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Laccha Paratha

Laccha Paratha by Foodz Pack

These are also quite simple yet delicious types of Paratha. It is similar to plain Paratha as it is cooked without any stuffing but a little change in cooking method makes it unique. You have to first roll straight a piece of dough just like we do in plain Paratha. Smear some butter or oil on the entire surface. Next, cleanly fold it from start to end and give it a shape like a Swiss roll. Now roll this shape again until flattened like we did before and then cook it on the pan.

These are types of Paratha that are most different to cook from one another. You can make many other types of Paratha using these methods with different stuffing. Following are all of the Paratha you can make at home.


1.     Mattar/ Green Peas Paratha2.    Baby corn Paratha
3.    Chicken Cheese Paratha4.    Spinach Paratha
5.    Potato Cheese Paratha6.    Daikon Paratha
7.    Egg Paratha8.    Garlic Paratha
9.    Pizza Paratha10.  Sugar Paratha
11.  Gobi/ Cauliflower Paratha12.  Papaya Paratha
13.  Onion Paratha14.  Split Chickpeas Paratha
15.  Methi/ Fenugreek Paratha16.  Beetroot Paratha
17.  Mix vegetable Paratha18.  Carom Seed Paratha
19.  Mushroom Paratha20. Pumpkin Paratha


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