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7 Great Ways to Relax Your Mind and Body When Feeling Down

Our website’s main objective is to keep you all healthy. And mental health is just as important as physical health no matter how much we ignore it. It negatively affects your body and lifestyle if you are feeling down. So, here are 7 ways to relax every time you are stressed, busy, or just need to relax.

1.      Take a Break

Leave your normal routine and don’t even think about the work during your time out. You don’t have to go for a vacation; just take a half or one full day to give some time to yourself. During this break, do things that cheer you up or that you enjoy to do.

For example, have a get together with good friends, play with your pet, or try some cooking.

2.      Learn to BreathWays to Relax - Breathing

Yes, we wouldn’t be alive if we weren’t breathing but it’s a little different. This point means breathing in a certain relaxing way. Simply get in a comfortable position and take long breaths. Inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth. Clear your mind of other things and just focus on breathing.

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3.      Listen to Music

Music is food for the soul. One of the effective ways to relax is to listen to your favorite music. My personal suggestion is to put it on good speakers otherwise earphone is just fine.

Focus only on music when you put it on. Understand the lyrics try to differentiate between instruments. It would be even better if you can sing along or dance to it.

4.      Picture Yourself in a Relaxing Place

Walk on Beach as a Way to Relax

Remember the fatigue or tension is in your mind. It’s one of the best ways to relax if you control your mind and picture yourself in a relaxing place. Imagine you are in a peaceful place and try to go every minute details.

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For example, I imagine myself on a beach during sunset or night time with no one around. I feel the breeze, sound of the waves, and wet cold sand. This works best for me, you have to imagine the most relaxing place for you. And don’t steal my imaginary place, I prefer being alone there.

5.      Try Some Gentle Exercise

Exercise is one of the great ways to relax. Gentle exercises like yoga or pilates will help you release tension and feel fit. These physical activities also get the blood flowing which will make you feel better both mentally and physically. Here see a perfect combo of 10 pilates exercises.

6.      Go for a Walk

A long peaceful walk can heal many wounds. Try to go for walk at a place where there is less traffic and fewer people. This is actually one of my favorite ways to relax. Think and figure out what is bothering you or focus on things around you, whatever helps you feel better. Here you can read connection of mental and physical health of our body.

7.      Do Some Artistic WorkImage of Arts Instruments

Artistic works require your focus. While you may look like working, you actually feel calm inside. You can try any of the following arts that you like.

  1. Drawing
  2. Painting
  3. Singing
  4. Dancing
  5. Cooking

Another important thing to remember here is not to focus on completing the task. Your goals is to enjoy the journey. Working just to complete the work may get you even stressed instead of relaxing.



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